The Joy House Film Festival

Congratulations to all the finalists.
The winner of this year’s Joy House Film Festival goes to Andrew Robb for Odd one out.
Best Female FilmmakerBelinda Small for “Dis/Connect.”
Best Diversity Filmmaker Ryan Chu for Deep Fears.
Thank you to our judges – Oliver Phommavanh & Peter Andrikidis
It was another wonderful year of entries. Thank you.
Congratulations to all the finalists for
the 7th annual Joy House Film Festival.
Gardens on Forest’s Best Joy House film –
Lost & Found.
Best Diversity – Aust Post: A really good investigation.
Victoria Jackson’s Best Actor – Adam Dunn.
Best Women’s film- At Intersections.


Congratulations to Nicholas Zakrajcek, for winning 2019’s Coles’ best short film for “Timeless.”

Also congratulations to Fern Mei Sim on winning Gardens on Forest’s Best Female filmmaker for “I, Dear,” and Orlando Holmes for winning Runner Up for best Kids / Youth film for “Birds” and William Pacquiao for winning best kids / Youth film for “Someone Cares,” for his documentary on homelessness.

Ravenswood Film’s best Diversity film goes to Elevator by Greg Glinear.

2019 Finalists

  • The Elevator by Greg Glinear (USA)
  • Chalk by Navin Kumar (India)
  • I Dear by Fern Mei Sim (Student / Australia)
  • Primavera by Bruce Nicholson (USA)
  • Timeless by Nicholas Zakrajcek, ( student/youth/ Australia)
  • Nightlight by Jonathan De La Us (U.S. animation)
  • In the Sky by Graciella Cassel (USA)
  • Birds by Orlando Holmes ( kids/ Australia)
  • Recipe to Fall in Love on Valentine’s Day by Kathy Luu (Australia)
  • Someone Cares by William Pacquiao (kids/ Australia)

Joy House Film Festival in Film Ink magazine

Celebrating the Joy & Diversity on the Big Screen


World Film Fair

Congratulations to our 2018 finalists

selected for World Film Fair.

Award winners for World Film Fair are:

Joy & Heron (Best World Film Fair International Animation)

& Give Me a Minute (Best World Film Fair short film – Australia / NZ / Asia)

World Film Fair Give me a minute

World Film Fair best animation



Joy & Heron – JHFF Best Short Film 2018

Munchies – JHFF Best Women’s Short Film

Creed – JHFF Best Youth Short Film

Digby Webster – JHFF Best Diversity Short Film.

That’s Life – JHFF People’s Choice.

“An enjoyable festival”

Mark Morellini

Journalist – Preview Films / The City Hub

JHFF 2018 crowd

2018 Finalists


A man gives five dollars to a man on the street who seems to need help.

Directors: Ismaël Lotz Writers: Ismaël Lotz Producers: Ismaël Lotz Key cast: Wasim Nomani, Brian Swinehart

(3 mins)


This stop-motion animated short visits Herbert, an avid gardener pleasantly spending the afternoon in his vegetable garden. To his surprise he discovers something has been munching on his crops. Surely it can’t be that hard to catch the perpetrator?

Director: Hayley Warnock

Producer: Hayley Warnock (2.35 mins)

3.DIGBY WEBSTER documentary

Disability for many people can be an isolating experience – not so for Sydney-based artist Digby Webster. Born with Down syndrome, Digby has found a unique way of connecting with other people: through his big personality and his lively artwork. And as he launches his latest exhibition, he’s joined by friends, family and members of the local community in a celebration of difference.

Director/producer – Ehsan Knopf (4.34)

4.CREED (Youth / student entry)

Nayel is a young practicing Muslim boy who has a passion for soccer. His identity poses a challenge for him when the soccer championships fall during the same time as Ramadan – a month of fasting observed by Muslims. While he is adamant that he can keep his commitment to his faith and his game, he faces adversity from his team members and coach, causing him to make simple errors and need extra practice. He also feels pressure from his mum to make the most of the blessed month by volunteering daily at the local soup kitchen. Nayel has trouble catching a break, and ultimately has to choose what is more important for him.

Director: Shejuti Hossain Producers: Amy Vy and Julianne Nguyen (10 mins)


A little girl makes a difference on Valentine’s Day by giving hearts coupons to those in need a hug. (3mins)

Director: Sage Drake


Reflector of Living Will tells about Maria, living with arthritis. She doesn´t like the rehabilitative attitude of her new care robot. One night Maria re-programs it to fulfil her true needs. The robot becomes her living will and protector against aggressive behaviour of care-takers.

Director : Jenni-Juulia Wallinheimo-Heimonen (8mins)


Beth is having ‘one of those days’ where nothing is going right; she’s woken up in bed with one night stand, she can’t remember his name and she’s late for a new job. As things continue to go down hill an unexpected discovery and the return of a stolen item save the day.

Katharine Rogers (5 mins)


First Impressions traces the journey of 3 first-generation migrant artists in Australia. The film explores the work of writer Roanna Gonsalves, actor and theatre producer Neel Banerjee and creative producer Jiva Parthipan and highlights some of the challenges these CALD artists have faced, and how their position as migrant artists has informed their art.

Director – Rashmi Ravindran (6.50)


Frances has been waiting forever for this moment to be on. But when it’s not on, it’s not on. Frances is determined. Can she make this on?… “Give me a minute…”

Directors/Writers/Producers Jeneffa Soldatic and Kathy Luu (1 min)


Joy and Heron is the tale of the lovable small dog (Joy) and a pesky Heron. Out on a fishing trip, Joy tries not to rock his master’s boat while defending it from the worm-stealing bird. However, after spotting the heron is only trying to feed its hungry – and fussy – chicks, Joy comes around gives away the whole pot of worms. And in the spirit of Chinese New Year, the heron then reciprocates the gesture of kindness. (5mins)

Directed by

Joy and Heron

Directed by: Kyra and Constantin

Film Ink Joy House Film Festival 2018

Joy House Film Festival featured in Film Ink Magazine

jhff 2017 crowd sml

At Hoyts Mandarin Centre, Chatswood.

Level 3

65 Albert Ave,


(cnr of Victor, Albert St)

Joy House Film Festival Tickets

In July 2018, The World Film Fair (New York) approached Joy House Film Festival to be one of its official partners. We have accepted their offer. Our finalists will now have the opportunity to have their short films shown to markets overseas in New York.

2018 World Film Fair Logo sml



Mark Harris for “Passage of Flick” – 2017 Joy House Film Festival Winner!

Mark harris

Katharine Rogers for “Dancing with Gene Kelly” – 2017 W.I.T.S. Best Short Film made by a Woman.

Actress Clementine Bell to collect her prize.


Ivan Farkas best Youth Short Film for “Homo Sapiens.”

ivan farkas

Laith Sami best Diversity short film for “White Cane.”


  1. In Excile (Alexander Kurilov)
  2. Drawn Together (Victoria Howell)
  3. Our Wonderful Nature (Lars Truger)
  4. Remarkable (Kim Lodington)
  5. White Cane (Laith Sami)
  6. Passage of Flick (James Vinson)
  7. Homo Sapiens (Ivan Farkas)
  8. Dancing with Gene Kelly (Katharine Rogers)
  9. Moon is Essentially Gray (Hannah Roman)





Congratulations to Sling Shot – David Hansen on

Winning this year’s Bunnings’ Best Short Film.


W.I.T.S’ best film made by a woman goes to Jackie by Sally Dulson

& Hoyts People’s Choice was won by Jackie (Sally Dulson)


Australasian Art & Stageworks’ Best Diversity Film goes to Flip on Long Edge

-Shing Hei Ho

Kitty Connection‘s Best Youth Film goes to Snake Attack by Ivan Farkas


List of Finalists for 2016

  1. Notorious Corn (animation) – Mallory Grolleau
  2. Adija (animation) – Pamela Mathues
  3. Hirani – Vathana Suppiah
  4. Milk and Cookies – Matthew Macknamara
  5. Lunch – Matt Vance
  6. Jackie – Sally Dulson
  7. Buying Time – Indiana Bell
  8. Heart of the Lion – Tom Vogel
  9. Flip on Long Edge – Shing Hei Ho
  10. Love at first sight – Mark Playne
  11. Boris and Igor (stopmotion animation) – Linda Niksic
  12. Sling Shot- David Hansen
  13. Snake attack (stopmotion animation) – Ivan Farkas


Congratulations to The Present (animation)

Winning this year’s Media Super’s Best Short Film.

Directors Jacob Frey .Writers Jacob Frey, Fabio Coala Producers Anna Matacz,
Jacob Frey) Germany

Screen shot 2015-09-12 at 1.37.56 PM


Marriage Equality AUS (YOUTH entry- animation. Written / Directed / Produced and narrated by Josh Lorschy)


Silence is Golden. (Writer / Director / Producer: Katharine Rogers) Australia.

NORTH SHORE DRAMA’S BEST DIVERSITY – Game On (Written, Directed and Produced by Jennie Crystle) US



Screen shot 2015-07-08 at 4.46.47 PM


THE BEST OF THE JOY HOUSE FILM FESTIVAL was on the 2nd February on Scarborough Beach as part of the City of Stirling’s Summerset Arts Festival.

The crowd was treated to an entertaining afternoon with a great selection of short films, ranging from: drama, documentary, drama-comedy, animation, stop animation & action films. They included Hannah Klassek’s Anon, Michelle Lia’s Indigenous film Grandma, George Dot Play’s Candy Crush Saga, Tonnette Stanford’s dog movie Wally, Pearl Tan’s documentary Minority Box, Josh Lorschy’s animation We Are World Change (Youth), Mansour Noor’s Origami, Valentina Buay‘s “Joy of Slowing Down (Youth).” 

Photo - joy House Film Festival - Perth

The crowd enjoyed the films, show bags and fun giveaway prizes which included Baker’s Delight vouchers and Hoyts vouchers. “The purpose of the Joy House Film Festival is not only to give a platform for emerging filmmakers to showcase their stories of joy and diversity but it’s also encouraging the general public to pay it forward to spread joy and kindness!”

Screen shot 2015-03-10 at 12.54.23 PM

Screen shot 2015-03-10 at 12.53.21 PM


“The Joy House Film Festival was a great experience putting together an animation to promote social change and joy. The event was really enjoyable, I loved watching other filmmakers work. I was stoked to win a prize, as all the other films were really engaging. I’ll definitely enter again this year.”
Josh Lorschy Age 15 (Youth Entrant Finalist)

“’The Joy House Film Festival is a fantastic event that engages the community to celebrate diversity and as a selected filmmaker it has been rewarding experience. The entrants are always so varied from one another and yet they all represent the joy of diversity in their own artistic representations. It is so important to communicate these thematics to the community and the younger generations in a fun and engaging way which the festival has done successfully in the last two years.’
Aileen Huynh (Filmmaker Finalist)




2014 National Storage winner - final pic

Hannah Klassek Winner of National Storage Artarmon’s Best Film Award.


Paul Boykos ( Bendigo Bank manager ) congratulating

Josh Lorschy on winning Bendigo Bank’s Youth Award.


Joy Hopwood presenting Mansoor Noor with the

Aardvark Casting’s best Diversity award.

Screen shot 2014-09-22 at 6.13.51 PM

Authors Walter Mason and Pam Newton at this year’s Joy House Film Festival


Congratulations to Pearl Tan for winning best Multicultural Film for “Minority Box”

and Michelle Lia for winning Best Indigenous Film for “Grandma.”

Hoyts People’s Choice went to Maria Tran’s “Gaffa.”

Thank you to our judges- 2DayFm’s Geoff Field and Channel Nine’s Kitchen Ninja Andy Minh Trieu.


“All the Staff here at Bendigo Bank Willoughby North were proud to be part of a wonderful day at the Concourse in Chatswood for the 1st ever JoyHouse Film Festival, where we saw a vast array of high quality presentations from all entrants involved. We were proud to hand over the prize for Best Youth Film, and very keen to continue our fantastic relationship into next year’s event, which will be bigger and better in all forms ! A great event for all the family!”

Paul Boykos (Managing Director of Bendigo Bank Willoughby)

“A great selection of films. We’re happy that “Gaffa” won Hoyts People’s Choice Award.”

Jonathan Melbourne (Manager of Hoyts Mandarin Centre)

“A great selection of films in the Joy House Film Festival”

Bernard Lau

Willoughby Council



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