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Joy House Film Festival

September 10th. 4.30-5.30pm Joy House Film Festival, interval 30 mins, then 6-7.30pm The Casting Game (premiere) (Sunday) at Hoyts Mandarin Centre, cnr Victor & Albert St, Chatswood.

Tickets www.joyhousefilmfestival.eventbrite.com.au

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Join us for the AAFFN 2015 event in Melbourne chaired by Amadeo Marquez Perez. Guest panelists include: Joy Hopwood (Joy House Productions) Sukhmani Khorana, Kevin Bathman (Carnival of the Bold) and Sanaz Fotouhi (Persian Film Festival),  a creatively fuelled weekend for free!




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Unleash Your Creativity & Get Happy

 Laneway Learning Event
Monday, November 16th
6:30pm to 7:45pm
Ron Williams, Redfern

What’s it all about?

Unleash your creativity and get happy! Unearth your passions and  turn that hobby into a career. No matter what career you may currently be in, finding happiness through creativity can release every day stress and tension. Finding what you love doing through simple every day activities, whether they may be: writing, acting, craft, painting, filmmaking, cooking, designing, doodling, art, photography etc, can turn your passions into a fulfilling career.

What will we cover?

  • Thinking about your soul and passions.
  • How to begin writing / drawing / photographing your experiences through journaling / social media.
  • Enriching and developing your personal experiences and passions further, to a more creative career path.
  • Handouts will be given to help develop your creative passions, (thinking outside the box) and a list of different inspirational avenues to help develop your passions into a career.

Who will be teaching?

Joy Hopwood was a former Presenter of A.B.C.’s Play School, a writer, blogger, teacher, lecturer, public speaker. She was an ambassador for Mission Australia and Cancer Council NSW and was nominated twice for the Australian of the Year awards. Joy was a contributing writer for Growing Up Asian in Australia (Black Inc Books), Chinese Australian Women’s Stories (Jessie St Library / CHAA) and Reflecting on Life (Pearson Education). She wrote and created “The Wong Side of Life” theatre play, and transformed it into a video form titled “Kindness is for Free” ( an anti-bullying & anti-racism initiative in schools). She also founded and is artistic director of the yearly Joy House Film Festival. In her spare time, Joy blogs, writes, paints and illustrates.





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