Get a Life, Alright! (feature film)


A young struggling actor gets a lucky break after delivering flowers on set and falls for the leading actress and becomes a target for jealousy, all thanks to fame. 


Get a Life, alright follows the life of an aspiring actor, Nick Singh (played by Satish Kala), who juggles working two part time jobs; his father’s Indian restaurant, Ballu’s Bollyfood and Joe’s Florist.

Nick receives an order to deliver flowers to the set of a popular music video show, Get a Life, alright, where he meets Tessa Wise (Abril Tolnay). Tessa’s best friend, Sarah Chen (Aileen Huynh), notices their instant attraction for each other and arranges a dinner for them all at Ballu’s Bollyfood. When they arrive Nick’s brother, Adarsh (Dilshan Rain), contacts the paparazzi, Patrick Pappas (Danny Barton), for free publicity. As soon as Patrick arrives, Tessa and Sarah leave.  Tessa is worried that Nick is responsible for tipping off the media. He later reassures her that he wasn’t and invites her out on a date.

Tessa and Sarah then put in a good word for Nick to audition for a guest role, which he lands. He suddenly becomes popular with the public, making his co-star Tom Reeves (Paul Hughes) insanely jealous as well as his brother, Adarsh. Will jealousy ruin Nick’s relationship and his new career? Do female friendships outlast relationships? A film about love, family and friendships that stand the test of time.


What may appear to be just as another romantic comedy, Get a Life, Alright has a strong theme about the importance of female friendships which is an integral part of this film and mental health explored in a nuanced way. It uncovers how negativity can often replay, over and over again in people’s minds, making us aware of what we say and do. You’ll laugh and you’ll cry as this film uncovers the value of family and friendships, as the characters are fun, likeable and very relatable.

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