The Casting Game (feature film)


The Casting Game

The Casting Game is an ensemble piece that highlights the journeys of a group of unconventional actors trying to make it big, an Asian-Australian family trying to make a visiting relative feel at home with Might-T-mite and meat pies, and a seemingly ill-fated love.

Gary is a 35-year-old brickie who has had no luck in love. On a night out with his high school mates – Lynn, Indigo, and Luke – he ends up in a bet to see if he can land a date with the next woman he sees.

Along comes Sarah, a beautiful radio producer who is in a wheelchair.

In a Love Actually meets Muriel’s Wedding take on love in the modern world, the film explores what it means to find happiness in a diverse, dynamic world in a beautifully fun and meaningful way.

A breezy Aussie story full of heart and triumph amongst a diverse group of friends, The Casting Game is a relatable piece that tugs at our heartstrings while making us laugh. It reminds us that we can find belonging in unexpected places.

Written by Joy Hopwood

Directed by Pearl Tan

Executive Producers Joy Hopwood & Priya Roy

72 Minutes



The Casting Game was selected for Hollywood Screenings Film Festival & Hollywood Verge Film Awards in 2018.

OFFICIAL SELECTION - Hollywood Verge Film Awards - 2018

World film fair Official Selection Laurel 2018TCG 2019 OFFICIAL SELECTION - Lift-Off Film Festival Pinewood Studios U.K. - 2019


aWorld Film Fair Best Australian Film


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“The Casting game is one of those feel good and down to earth, Aussie films.  The characters are quirky, endearing and relatable. The film made me laugh all the way through to the very end. A sweet love story, intermingled with hilarious sub plots. Definitely worth watching. I walked away feeling happy, laughing and full of joy!”


Anna Bilalis 88.9FM

“Triumphant storyline and motivational delivery! Entertaining and humorous. Surreal and reflects our modern society.”


Davy Ngyuen 89.3FM

“The Casting Game was absolutely brilliant!  It was funny, sad, poignant, portrayed real life and challenged you to think about how you treat others.  The message about difference and respecting others came through load and clear.  So clever and creative.  I loved it.


Janice Cohen Retired Principal Belrose Public School

“Congratulations to the cast, crew and production team of The Casting Game for a thoroughly enjoyable, light-hearted romp highlighting the underlying themes of diversity, friendship and love.”


Daphne Lowe Kelley

Vice President

Australasian Art and Stageworks Inc.

“‘The Casting Game’ is a game-changer in the Australian indie film industry in terms of its diverse cast and brave attempt to address Australian national identity today. This is done with a fantastic group of actors, and witty jokes, which makes the film appealing to a wide range of audiences’.


Sukhmani Khorana

Author / Academic / Asian Australian Film and Network

“The Casting Game is a film that represents what Australia should sound like and look it.
Highlighting diversity, The Casting Game, is taking the conversation from our coffee shops into our cinemas, a conversation that the AAFFN wants to support with enthusiasm.
Congrats to the cast and crew for such an entertaining film and wish them well with this endeavour.


Georgina Ballantine

Writer/ Author

“Topical and inclusive, done in an entertaining way to get the message across.”


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